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The latest holiday accessory? A professional photographer!


How many times have you come back from holiday, downloaded your photos and felt your heart sink? Gutting, isn’t it? But we’ve all been there. There are ways around it though – you could take a photography course, buy a new camera (did the camera compose those photos?), or you could get someone else to photograph your family having fun and leave you to simply relax – say, a professional photographer!

Yes, I hear you, but believe it or not, more and more people are choosing to hire a photographer to capture the fun and laughter of their family on holiday, in fact over the last five years several companies have emerged that focus solely on this new market – and they’re doing well!

The kudos that people who hire photographers from these companies get from showing off their amazing holiday ‘snaps’ on social media is firing this growing trend and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. We all know the effects social media affects has on people; how each ‘like’ you get for a post or tweet gives you a wee buzz. It’s perceived to be a sign of friendship and acceptance, so of course you want those holiday photos to stand out from all the other images up there; you want to be noticed, you want to BE somone!

But despite the fact that we all know how false social media is, that those clicks don’t actually mean anything at all, we still feel the need for the recognition.

However, being able to brag about your amazing holiday with stunning photos on your Facebook account isn’t the only reason that more and more people are hiring professional holiday photographers; there are other benefits as well, real ones. If you have a professional photographer following you around (at a suitably respectable distance of course) you don’t have to waste time making your family pose every 5 minutes, or “go back and do that again”, just so you have a few blurry-yet-memorable photographs (none of which you are in of course) to stick in the photobook that you’ll make when you get home. You can really enjoy every moment with those you love whilst knowing that all the key moments are being captured for you. And what’s more, you’ll have some stunning artwork of far-flung places to hang on your walls.

But who wants a stranger trailing around after them all holiday, and who on earth can afford such a luxury anyway?

Well, let me put your mind at ease. Most photographers who offer this service have different packages available, from a short half-day jaunt around your favourite locations for around £100, to a full week (more of a variable fee) where the photographer will be with you for a certain number of hours per day, leaving you plenty of private family time.

So, no more squinty photos where the majestic castle you’re looking at is suddenly no more than a speck in the distance, or ones shot directly into the sun so your kids are now nothing more than a shadow; if you have a professional photographer in tow you will all look amazing in each and every image…and that castle, well, it will be exactly as you remember it.